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weekly_update The WORLD IN DETAIL Update! September 12, 2017 - Greetings Necrotappers! This week we're back to the World Domination system with Zone Commanders, Strategic Zone Restrictions and Power Decay. Oh, also minions have feelings now. Let's start with - Zone Commanders We added a detailed view for every zone in the map window: In this new view you can see exactly how many souls each factions has in the zone, how many souls you've contributed - but more importantly: You can see the zone COMMANDER. The zone commander is the top contributor of the controlling faction in that zone. This is your chance to strike fear in your enemies hearts - and show who is the better Necrotapper. The Necrotapper who will take over the world! - it won't be easy ...
weekly_update The FIXES Update! September 5, 2017 - Greetings Necrotappers! This update doesn't have a lot of visible stuff in it. We mainly wanted to address some polish issues with the UI and fix some bugs we felt were important for your enjoyment of the game. We also added much needed sounds for the new Elite Abilities from last update, check them out! Lastly we applied Necrotapper for the Indie Prize Kyiv 2017. This is pretty big, if we win this - we will be going to a gaming development conference in Ukraine, Kyiv and bring our favorite minion possession simulator to a whole new crowd! fingers crossed 🙂 This is all for this week, see you next week! Ulraf
weekly_update The LEGENDARY Update! August 29, 2017 - Greetings Necrotappers! Another week - another continent under your control - and another update - Beta 0.8.0! Underworld news, Tutorials to get to know some new features and - get this - ELITE MINIONS! This update is gonna be - Legend...wait for it.......... We've been thinking A LOT about how to spice things up with the minions for a while. It's not easy adding interest and variety without loosing the simplicity and intuitive nature of our beloved Necrotapper,  but we think your gonna really dig what we came up with: Give it up for your new line up: The ELITE Minions! Each one of the - DERY! LEGEN-DERY! worth the wait! Amm, anyway, Each one of the minions can now rarely spawn ...